We support local innovation by investing in and supporting entrepreneurs.


We retain and attract talent to the region by building new companies and driving growth.


We build a stronger and healthier Southern California so you can thrive.


Southern California spans over 55,000 square miles from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and is home to over 20 million people. The region boasts $1.4 trillion dollars in GDP, making it the 13th largest economy in the world. When it comes to talent, Southern California is the largest producer of STEM Ph.D.s and second in STEM undergraduates in the U.S. However, while we graduate thousands of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs every year, we are seeing the majority of top talent leave to take jobs in Silicon Valley, Cambridge, and other hubs. The resulting lack of talent pools is a continual barrier to growth for many companies that have established themselves in the area.

If we want to continue thriving, we need to bring our leadership and pioneering spirit to the challenge of creating value with our talent. Our fund allows startups and local VCs to tap into corporate expertise in foundational technologies and market insights across our region. Corporations will gain access to innovative new technologies and talent. Investors will find exciting new opportunities for their capital and join in building this hub. Solving the innovation capital problem is key to enabling Southern California to become an innovation hub, so we can create and grow good jobs and enable many more to live, work and thrive here.